Spinal Decompression

Don’t live with chronic back and neck pain. Dr. Mike Hollern at Hollern Chiropractic in Louisville, KY offers spinal decompression and other gentle treatment methods to help you get back to a pain-free life.

What Is Spinal Decompression?

The human spine is a marvelous thing that we rely on to keep us upright, supported, and moving properly every day. For it to do these things, though, it has to be in shape – so to speak. Every joint, disc, muscle, ligament, nerve, and tendon needs to be in its proper place.

Unfortunately, those same movements we need our spine to support can wreak havoc on each of these components. Without proper care and precautions, daily life – along with injuries and conditions – can lead to many issues. And when it does, spinal decompression can go a long way in addressing them.

In short, spinal decompression is a safe and gentle way of stretching your entire spinal column. As each segment of the spine is stretched, it allows everything to retreat into its proper place. Often, it’s combined with other chiropractic techniques, like spinal adjustments, to achieve the greatest results.

Benefits of Spinal Decompression in Louisville, KY

Dr. Hollern at Hollern Chiropractic utilizes spinal decompression to help patients achieve relief from a variety of issues. These include but are not limited to:

  • Chronic back pain
  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • Headaches
  • Herniated discs
  • Bulging discs
  • Nerve compression and sciatica

Spinal decompression not only helps to relieve such issues but is also very effective in improving overall spinal health. As your spine is stretched, blood flow increases allowing for natural healing. And when combined with other techniques, it can help your back get back on track without invasive methods.

This gentle procedure doesn’t require a lot of down time and should only take up to 30 minutes per session. And you do nothing but lie down and relax while it occurs.

Want to experience the benefits of spinal decompression for your body? Schedule an appointment with Dr. Hollern at Hollern Chiropractic in Louisville, KY by calling (502) 366-9200 today.

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